- LOndon Sitar Ensemble (LSE) -

London Sitar Ensemble (LSE) was a lively  ensemble of sitar artists established under the Honorary Artistic Directorship of Shri. Sanjay Guha, a disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar and Pandit Deepak Choudhary.

Directed by Shri. Guha, it presented innovative programs featuring the best of sitar compositions and arrangements of the Maihar-Senia Gharana. Its purpose was to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Indian music. The aim of the LSE was to bring the magic of classical traditions of Indian music to a wider audience through concerts, workshops and community outreach programmes like the Sitar Festival and Indian Strings and Dance Exhibition at the Museum of Croydon.

The members of LSE underwent rigorous training with Shri. Guha to be able to perform a challenging repertoire of Indian music to high standard. LSE took pride not only in its varied and challenging music making but also in its endeavor to improve performance skills of all its members, generating a wider understanding of Indian music.

'London Sitar Ensemble blends poems of Rabindranath Tagore ( Bengali polymath and creative genius of modern India)with poems of Pablo Neruda (Chilean poet) through experimental Indian Classical music. A rare performance of musical cross culture, unison and duality where improvisations are created exploring the ancient partnership between poetry and music - an alchemy where powerful rhythm joins the language of the soul.'

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